Be prepared for winter

With snow and ice outside it is a good time to think about being prepared for winter. Winter tummy upset viruses (norovirus) are around in the North East, as are other nasty flu like viruses. Protect yourselves by keeping warm, and keep a well-stocked medicines cabinet with paracetamol, or ibuprofen , rehydration salts to ease your symptoms if you are unlucky enough to become ill.

It is not too late to get yourself protected against flu by having a flu vaccination- remember all those over 65 years old will benefit from having the vaccination. It might not stop you catching flu but it will stop you being as poorly. You will also benefit if you are in an at risk group – so if you have heart disease, a chest (respiratory) disease, kidney disease, a long term neurological condition (e.g. MS), if you have a learning disability or are taking immunosuppressant medication (e.g. steroids) you need it too.

For some people, having the vaccinations helps prevent the spread to others – so please ensure your children or grandchildren aged 2-4 are encouraged to get the nasal vaccination to reduce the risk of them spreading it around. If you are a carer having the vaccination can benefit you and stop you giving it to those  you care for.  If you are wondering – yes, I have had mine!

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