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Chief Officer elected to influential commissioning Board

We’re proud to announce that our Chief Officer, Amanda Hume has been elected to the Board of NHS Clinical Commissioners:

NHS Clinical Commissioners announces new board members

Celebrating 80 years of 999 emergency services

Today, Friday 30 June, marks the 80th anniversary of the 999 emergency number.

The 999 number was first introduced in London in 1937 and was the world’s first emergency number.

The first ever 999 call was made right in London on 30 June 1937, and was the first of its kind in the world. It was introduced following a review of a fire on Wimpole Street in November 1935 which sadly killed 5 women.

Initially the 999 scheme only covered a 12-mile radius around Oxford Circus, and came with the advice that public should only use it in ongoing emergency “for instance, the man in the flat next to yours is murdering his wife or you have seen a heavily masked cat burglar peering round the stack pipe of the local bank building.”

In the first week of service 1,336 calls were made. Today the 999 system in the UK handles in excess of half a million calls in the same 7 day period!

The system was rolled out to major cities after the Second World War and by 1976 to the whole of the UK. In 1993 the 112 number was introduced alongside 999 to provide a single number for contacting the emergency services throughout Europe.

Calling 999 today

In order that emergency services can provide the help to people that most need it, it’s important that the 999 service is used appropriately.

The advice is simple – if it’s not an emergency, don’t ring 999. A non-emergency number for the NHS is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year which is 111. NHS 111 is for getting medical help fast when it’s not life-threatening, and is free to call from landlines and mobile phones.

In Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland, when your GP practice is closed there are four extended hours GP centres, open from 6pm to 9.30pm – Monday to Friday – and 8am to 9.30pm on weekends and Bank Holidays.

They’re based in North Ormesby Health Village, One Life Centre in Linthorpe, Redcar Primary Care Hospital and East Cleveland Hospital in Brotton.

The centres operate an appointment-based system – you can’t just walk in. 

Having four centres means you will be offered a choice of where to go and an appointment time which may be better for you.  It also means that you are seen promptly and shouldn’t have to wait in a queue.

If you have an urgent need after 9.30pm when the GP centres are closed, simply call 111 and they will direct you to the most appropriate service.

But if an illness or injury is serious, do not stop to think about how to get the patient to hospital. Phone 999 straight away.

Learning Disability Awareness Week

This week is Learning disability awareness week from 19th -25th June and this is an opportunity that we could not miss to support the week and raise awareness. The focus of the campaign this year is around employment . Did you know that around 8 in 10 working age people with a learning disability have one that’s mild or moderate, but fewer than 2 in 10 are in employment.

Mencap are very keen for employers to work with them to change this. Last year a young gentleman called Dominic joined us for work experience at the CCG, and shared with us his experiences and knowledge as a health and independence advocate. We all learnt a lot. If you want to learn more about learning disabilities and especially around how you could help to increase employment please visit the Mencap website I am trying to get more modern and I therefore also need to give the twitter link hashtag for us all to make some noise about what you read – #LDWeek17

Annual Report and Accounts published

Our Annual Report and Accounts for the 2016/17 financial year have been published and can be viewed below:

Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17


We’re showing our support for Cervical Screening Awareness Week, 12-18 June 2017

Cervical Screening Awareness Week runs from 12-18 June 2017 and we’re showing our support!

Did you know that cervical screening (smear tests) prevents up to 75% of cervical cancers from developing, yet 1 in 4 women do not attend their cervical screening.  Uptake of cervical screening is currently at a 19 year low in England and at a 10 year low in both Scotland and Wales.

Find out more information at

Watch some videos here

Read CCG Chair and local GP, Dr Janet Walker’s blog here



A few moments of discomfort could save lives

Next week it is cervical cancer screening awareness week and I must not miss an opportunity to remind all those girls who have received an invite to go for their smear test to make an appointment to get it sorted.

The test is not looking for cancer, it is looking for  any changes in the cells that might just turn ‘nasty’ if they are left. Once you have had your invite letter to come for a smear the only time that we don’t take your smear test is when you are on your period or when you are pregnant. Just contact your GP surgery and arrange  for a smear appointment at the right time of the month  or at least 3 months after the birth of the baby. I don’t think I know any ladies that look forward to having their smear done – but if you are feeling a little nervous about it there is a really good campaign in Middlesbrough- the no fear campaign –  All I can say is that a few moments of discomfort really could make a difference and possibly save your life.


If your wife, girlfriend, daughter has got an invite – please encourage them to get the smear test done.

New handy guide to help Teessiders prepare for emergencies

People living on Teesside can be better prepared to deal with emergencies with the publication of a new guide.


Advice and guidance on the kinds of incidents faced by the public from pandemic flu and adverse weather to cyber attacks and power cuts have been brought together in a handy booklet.


The Cleveland Community Risk Register is a useful guide containing emergency telephone numbers, lists of key items to have to hand in the home and advice on what to do in the event of an emergency.


Copies of the Community Risk Register have been distributed to civic centres, libraries and community centres across the Cleveland area and a digital version is available to download free from


Phil Lancaster, Director of Community Protection for Cleveland Fire Brigade and Chair of the Cleveland Local Resilience Forum said: “The Risk Register is crucial for preparing for and responding to emergencies. This latest version of the register contains a range of information of different types of risks faced from flooding to industrial incidents and is aimed at helping communities to be an effective part of the response.


“I would urge all residents to pick up or download a copy, read it and keep in somewhere safe. We hope you’ll never need to use it but in the event of an emergency, key information is contained to help people react in a safe manner.”


The Community Risk Register is a useful way for residents of Cleveland to gain practical knowledge on:

  • What the key risks in the Cleveland area are
  • What the emergency services, local authorities, health and other public sector agencies and utility companies are doing and what support they will provide in an incident
  • What individuals and communities can do to before and during incidents
  • Specific advice on a range of risks included cyber attacks, flooding and utilities failure

Summer Helping Hand

Summer is now with us and we have had plenty of sun this week. So of course I need to remind you all to take care to enjoy the hotter weather by being sun aware, using a high factor sunscreen, keeping your head covered, avoiding the midday sun and also keeping yourselves well hydrated. If you are a hay fever sufferer drop into your local community pharmacy and they will be able to give advice and recommend medications that you can buy over the counter to relieve your symptoms.

For anyone planning a barbecue – please don’t forget to ensure all meat products are cooked thoroughly to avoid any unpleasant tummy upsets.

For those who enjoy it when someone else is doing the cooking I’ve just read about the growing Middlesbrough local food weekend which celebrates locally sourced food from June 2nd to June 4th.


Find out more at