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Patient and Public Advisory Group – PPAG

I am really excited about our newly relaunched PPAG. We have increased the number of local people with an interest in improving health services, who have volunteered to work with the CCG, to ensure we have meaningful patient involvement and enabling the CCG to seek views and experiences that help us to make the best decisions in commissioning (planning, buying and monitoring) our local health services.


The group, chaired by Caroline Gitsham, our Lay Member with responsibility for patient and public involvement, are really passionate about getting people more aware of how they can know more about what is happening with local health services and how they can get involved to have their say.  The group wants to involve people from across all walks of life and reaching as far as we can into our local communities .


At our meeting this month we have been refining our mission, aims and finalising our action plan.  We will be working towards ensuring that in South Tees CCG we will have developed a co-production model through which patient’s views and involvement are an integral part of how we do business, from the idea of the need for a service change to monitoring a newly commissioned service.


Members of the PPAG will be at our Annual General Meeting on 20 September 2017 at the CCG offices from 1.30pm-4pm . Come along and meet them!

Back from holiday

Firstly, thank you to my colleagues who provided guest blogs whilst I was away. As a change from the usual  trip to Scotland, I am lucky enough to be just back from a trip to Canada and America.

Much to my daughter’s embarrassment, I did  take several snaps of a variety of health messages.  On the  wall of a Chinese restaurant in Calgary, where you stood whilst waiting for your table, was a poster about foetal alcohol syndrome and not drinking in pregnancy.  There were some hard hitting messages about smoking in lots of the toilets.

In California, lots of the restaurants displayed signs letting diners know that they were serving food or beverages that might contain substances that could be linked to causing cancer. I certainly would not go down the Californian route, because I really don’t know how that would help any of us to make more sensible lifestyle choices.

However, should we go for the hard hitting messages where people will be stood or sat reading them when out socially? Locally, we use our bus stops and buses really well –look out for the messages whilst you  are out and about. But, how would you feel about tougher health messages in public places?

Save the date for our AGM and health fair! *NEW LOCATION AND TIME!

Save the date!  Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and community health fair will take place on Wednesday 20 September 2017, from 1.30pm-4pm at the CCG’s offices, 14 Trinity Mews, North Ormesby Health Village.  *PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE AND TIME.

For further information please contact or call 01642 263030.

Living longer

Guest Blog by Dr Raj Khapra

Thanks to the NHS and modern medicine we all are living longer. There are consequences for individuals, families NHS and social services.

Ageing comes with increased risk of heart attack, stroke osteoporosis and dementia on one hand, and has led to changes in retirement age on the other.

Health is a  result of interplay of genes, environment and lifestyle. As individuals, we can do very little to change the impact of genes and environment on our health.

Lifestyle is the only factor we have in our hands to have a healthy and happy retired long life.

It’s our body, our health and our suffering. Stop smoking, drink in moderation, eat healthy and do regular exercise.

Don’t pay the price twice, now to the vendor and later with poor health and its consequences.

Remember it is never too late!