Getting 2018 off to a good start

Happy New Year! For many of us the new year brings thoughts of making resolutions for things you want to do better. It can be hard to achieve those lifestyle changes, be it stopping smoking, getting to a healthy weight, drinking that little bit less, taking more care to keep yourself healthy, getting fit, eating more healthily, taking  time to look after your physical and mental wellbeing.

You are not alone, there is help out there. There will be others around you where you  live or where you work also wanting to make changes. Locally in Teesside we have many healthy living pharmacies that can do more to help support you in stopping smoking, taking healthy lifestyle choices and signposting you to what is available locally that gets  you the help and support in your community that could help you keep those new year good  intentions.

For many Christmas and New Year can be a difficult time with sadness, hopelessness or worry. If you need  some help visit or phone  01642 263121 for talking therapy support.

Taking good care of yourself helps the health services to be more easily available for those that need  them when they are unwell. If  you are unwell over the holiday period,  and can not manage your symptoms yourself, seek advice from your local community pharmacy, or if this does not meet your needs ring 111 and they will advise you on where to go to get the help you need. Keep the emergency and urgent care services for those that are more seriously unwell.


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