Our vision

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Our vision is…

“To improve the quality of life for all in our community reducing preventable differences in people’s health, encouraging everyone to have greater responsibility for their own health, supported by accessible, high quality services that are designed around people and their needs.”

We also have six strategic aims…

  • To ensure the populations we serve are able to access healthcare services that are safe, effective, person centred and high quality both now and in the future
  • To support and encourage people and their carers to take control of their own health and make informed choices about where and when to access healthcare
  • To work with our populations and partners to reduce preventable differences in physical, mental and social wellbeing across the populations we serve
  • To ensure the decisions we make are informed by best evidence alongside the needs and views of local people
  • To ensure we get the best possible health benefit for every pound we spend
  • To explore and develop integration of the health and social care system to benefit the populations we serve

How we deliver our vision

We work hard to develop our relationships with patients,  local partners including our member practices, local authorities, Healthwatch and the local voluntary and community sector (VCS).