What we do

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A clinical commissioning group is an NHS organisation that brings together local GPs and experienced health professionals to take on commissioning responsibilities for local health services.

Commissioning is the process of planning, agreeing and monitoring services.

As commissioners of local health services, a CCG is responsible for planning the right services to meet the needs of local people, buying local health services including community health care and hospital services, and checking that the services are delivering the best possible care and treatment for those who need them.

Each CCG has to work within a local budget from the NHS for local health services and work closely with other NHS colleagues and local authorities to ensure local people are receiving the best possible care.

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Primary Care Commissioning

From the 1 April 2016 NHS South Tees CCG, has taken greater responsibility and involvement in the design, shaping and commissioning of local general practices from NHS England.  We’re now in a stronger position which makes sure we deliver high quality, effective and efficient primary care services, and we help to further support all our GP practices in the future.

How we work

Our CCG is governed by local doctors, nurses lay members and experienced managers, known as the Governing Body.

The Governing Body meets regularly and members of the public are welcome to join the meetings and ask questions.

The Governing Body ensures that the CCG functions effectively and economically, and that commissioning decisions are debated in an open and fair way.