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Obesity - A Positive LifestyleAs many of you will know I am not a keen lover of gyms or lycra, I’ve been known to fall off even the exercise bike. I have to confess that my jaw gets more exercise than the rest of me some days and my new activity counter appears to back this up especially on days when I am sat  in meetings. I  got it before Christmas and, sorry Santa,  I just had to try it to see if I could reach my targets before I could admit to having one! Thankfully it is fairly discrete and looks like a watch, although I can wear it on my ankle when I’m at the surgery.

At the CCG we are working towards a better health at work award and the staff have allsorts planned from Dry January through to cycling events. My small part is to prove that if I can get more active by increasing my steps taken during the week even on the days at the office then anyone can. The team have suggested that I should give an update on the blog as to how I’m doing, they also think they should review my target distance walked and start to increase them!

At the moment my target is 2 miles a day or  6,000 steps. Is anyone interested in joining in with me? Send me an email with your progress.

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