Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week

Guest blog by Simon Gregory, director of finance

It’s Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week and as the Equality and Diversity Strategic Lead for NHS South Tees CCG I’ve been allowed a guest spot on the CCG Blog.

I wanted to share why promoting equality and diversity is important to myself and the CCG. We commission health services for the entire local population and we need to be completely aware of the diversity our residents. This means that all of our strategies and plans must always consider how all groups will be affected.

As a CCG we recognise the problems that people offered protection under the Act could face including language barriers, support to access services or stigma regarding accessing mental health services. Understanding people’s needs helps us as commissioners ensure we can tailor our commissioning to be accessible and safe.

Celebrating and promoting Equality and Diversity Week is important, but it also shows that we are not quite as accessible and inclusive as we should be. Equality isn’t something we should switch on and off as it fits. So as the Equality lead for the CCG I will continue to champion equality and diversity and ensure we progress in achieving our equality objectives as a CCG. I am passionate about the fact that nobody in our local community should be disadvantaged because of their gender, race, age, sexuality or any disability. There is no place in healthcare for prejudice or discrimination.

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