Patient and Public Advisory Group Meeting

14 Jun 2018
All Day Patient and Public Advisory Group Meeting

The group met and discussed the attendance of the group which had reduced since the last meeting with some members leaving the PPAG.  It was discussed how the group could encourage membership with a diverse range of people.


Leads from the CCGs Acute and Community Team attended the PPAG and introduced the Community Skin Service Review The CCG was collating providers and patients feedback on the service and the CCG will be asking patients for input based on a survey, which PPAG were asked to provide comments on.  It was noted this was a first draft of the survey.


The members provided comments which the team used to amend the survey.


Dr Walker provided a CCG update and asked members to feedback on the work of the PPAG to date.  Suggested improvements and comments were shared and the CCG agreed to review these and look at ways of implementing.

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