Patient and Public Advisory Group

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The patient and public advisory group is made up of core members of patients, carers and members of the public. The groups discuss current services we commission and how we engage with our local population.

By sharing experiences, the members contribute to the development of services that are high quality, safe and meet the needs of our local population.

The group meets every two months and the chair of the group is our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Lay Member who will report the work of the group to the Governing Body.

If you would like any information regarding the Patient and Public Advisory Group please email

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18 Oct 2018
All Day
Patient and Public Advisory Group Meeting

A member of the CCGs Medicines Optimisation Team joined the meeting and provided an update on the CCG’s Prescribing work.  It was explained that the CCG’s Prescribing budget was approximately £50m annually and that a saving of almost £6m was required in this financial year.  It was advised there were a number of schemes in place including, self-care and Over The Counter (OTC) medication promotions (for non-chronic and self-limiting conditions) and reviews of an individual’s medications either by telephone, electronically or face to face.  Additionally work was ongoing with care homes and carers for those patients with swallowing difficulties, as some of prescriptions could be crushed and put into water i.e. thyroxine, rather than having more expensive solutions made up.

Members of the PPAG were asked for their views on the work and to think of additional ways that the CCG could tackle waste and cost reduction.  The members discussed the difficulty in changing social attitudes to prescriptions and the difficulty in obtaining a GP appointment, when some patients make appointments “just in case” they need them.  It was suggested that the CCG should concentrate on the top cost drugs for over the counter medicines and try to use emotional marketing to encourage people to value the NHS.

12 Dec 2018
All Day
Patient and Public Advisory Group Meeting

The group received an update following the previous PPAG meeting on the continued work of the CCG to tackle medicines waste and cost reductions.


Caroline Gitsham, Lay Member and Chair of the PPG summarised discussions from previous PPAG that members would like to review the purpose of the group following members leaving and understanding how the group was adding value to the CCG.


Caroline advised that the CCG / NECS attendees had had value from meeting with the PPAG in the last 12 months but if members didn’t feel that it was the best use of their time then the future of the PPAG needed to be reconsidered and was perhaps timely in light of recent changes at the CCG.

All members of the PPAG stated they were not keen on a virtual only group, feeling that face to face contact was important.  However there was a mixed response as to whether or not they as a group had made a difference to the work of the CCG.  The members noted the knowledge they brought to the group with their different life and work experiences.  Some members noted they would have been happy to have actions to take away from the PPAG meetings, if it was appropriate and useful.

It was agreed that in future meetings would be arranged by topic area or projects.

It was noted that across the 5 CCGs work is ongoing to develop meaningful groups for patient engagement and involvement.