International Women’s Day 8 March 2019

Friday 8 March is International Women’s Day and there are festivities across the region celebrating so many fantastic women in the UK.  Find out more at

The ethos behind International Women’s Day is empowering women and girls to make positive life choices.  So, could you help more women learn the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer?


Every year 7000 UK women face the devastating diagnosis of ovarian cancer.  Many may have had symptoms for months but dismissed them as digestive problems or signs of the menopause or getting older.  Most women are diagnosed when their cancer has spread, but if it had been caught earlier it could be easier to treat and have better results.


Ovacome have developed a straightforward message about the signs and symptoms using the B.E.A.T. campaign:

B is for bloating that is persistent and doesn’t come and go

E is for eating difficulty and feeling full more quickly

A is for abdominal and pelvic pain you feel most days

T is for toilet changes in urination or bowel habits


Symptom awareness can mean better health outcomes for women, start sharing the key messages today. #IWD2019 #IWDNCL2019.

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