Let’s talk about diabetes


Every June Diabetes UK run a Diabetes Week and this year its running from 11 to 17 June 2018 with a theme of enabling conversations.

Diabetes UK want to make it easier for people to have conversations, with their doctor, their friends and family and anyone they may meet about diabetes. There are two major types of diabetes affecting our population.  Type 1 diabetes largely occurs in children and young adults and is brought about by rapid destruction of the body’s insulin producing cells.

It accounts for approximately 10% of diabetes in the UK.  Treatment of Type 1 diabetes is by use of insulin, with a precarious balance between carbohydrate intake and the required insulin dose.  Type 2 diabetes accounts for the bulk of the remainder of diabetes.  It is associated with ethnicity deprivation and getting older.  It is also associated with being overweight and with a sedentary lifestyle.

Treatment of Type 2 diabetes involves weight loss and lifestyle modification as well as use of medication to control blood glucose and to reduce risk heart disease. Many of us in South Tees are heavier than we should be so diabetes really is a serious, growing problem for us locally as well as nationally and around the world. Making life style changes now could prevent you developing it later in life, as well as helping you manage it better if you have it. Being more active can  help and at the CCG as part of our NHS 70th birthday celebrations we started a 70,000 step challenge – in 3 weeks we’ve reached 825,833  – so you can do it too.

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