Register of Procurement Decisions

NHS South Tees CCG Register of Procurement Decisions and Contracts Awarded – The CCG maintains a register of procurement decisions which includes a record of any such conflicts as appropriate.  The register is updated regularly and a hard copy of the register is available on request for inspection at the CCG’s headquarters.

Public Notice on Appointment of a Local Auditor

NHS South Tees CCG has appointed Ernst & Young LLP as its external auditor for a three year period covering the financial years; April – March 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20. The CCG has the option to extend this contract by a further two years at the end of the first three year period.
The CCG’s Governing Body established an Auditor Panel to oversee this process in November 2015.
The CCG then developed a specification and procurement strategy for the external audit service and bids were invited from the market. Four bids were received within the financial envelope and were subject to evaluation and consensus scoring. This was then supplemented by a presentation by each of the bidders. A Recommended Bidder Report was considered by the Auditor Panel at its meeting on 14 October 2016. The winning bidder was selected on the basis of an overall higher score than the others. This appointment was made on 2nd November 2016 following the advice of the CCG’s Auditor Panel.

South Tees - Register of Procurement Decisions - Feb 2020

South Tees CCG Register of Procurement Decisions October 2016

South Tees CCG Register of Procurement Decisions September 2015

South Tees Register of Procurement Decision June 2017