Mental Health Awareness Week

As we are coming to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week,  I  wanted to chip in and do my bit to promote awareness of the importance of ensuring good mental health for all.

The theme that the Mental Health Foundation have selected this year for particular focus is body image. We are bombarded  in the media with images of supposed ‘body perfection’ and it can clearly have significant impact upon people.

Figures from the Mental Health Foundation state that one in eight adults in the UK have experienced suicidal thoughts or feelings because of concerns about their body image and more than a third of teenagers in the UK have stopped eating or restricted their diets  as a result of worrying about their body image. You do not need to be a GP to have been touched by the impact this can have on people’s lives.

Be it body image or another issue, tackling an issue before it takes hold to improve resilience can be really important. We can all have a role in this to look after our own mental health and well being, as well as looking out for others. When you think you need some more support, talking about it can help.

Anyone living in Teesside can visit for more information about support that is available, or speak to someone at your GP practice.

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