New Year resolution

As  we are into the first week of the New Year how are you all doing with any New Year’s resolutions?  I can honestly say that I have never really been one for holding with this tradition, but this year I have realised that approaching 50 I  really  do need to make sure I’m taking health lifestyle choices, walking rather than taking the car, using the stairs and not the lift, getting at least my 5 a day fruit and vegetables, and stopping dusting  my exercise bike seat  because I’ll have been using it rather than having to clean it!

I’ve got friends and colleagues doing dry January – if this is you too- good luck, if you think you could be drinking too much you probably are, especially as now the advice  is that there is not  a safe amount of alcohol to drink, so all reductions would be beneficial.. If you are trying to stop smoking – never too late to stop or to try again to stop and lots of help and support available- visit For smoking cessation.  Whatever you have thought about doing to look after yourself the NHS would encourage you to give it your best shot as preventing illness is what we should all be doing more of.

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