Screening saves lives

Last week at an engagement event I heard from Tracey Lean, Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis Officer,  sharing more details about the No Fear campaign that is helping to increase the numbers of women having cervical screening. See the poster here:


She also spoke about something new here-  the salons for screening ‘screen stars’ approach that offers discounts at local hairdressing salons and the like when ladies book with a card they collect from the smear taking nurse when they have had the test done. All innovative stuff that can help to protect those at risk of cervical cancer. Find out more here:


Smear tests are about detecting changes before cancer develops, but do you know that there is a HPV vaccine that with two doses helps protect girls against cervical cancer too? All girls can get the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine free from the NHS from the age of 12 up to their 18th birthday- usually via school. The HPV vaccine is effective at stopping girls getting the types of HPV that cause most cervical cancers. I heard recently on BBC Radio Tees, whilst driving to work, that nationally the vaccine uptake is 84%, but in Middlesbrough it is only 71%  In July 2018, it was also announced that the HPV vaccine will be extended to boys aged 12 to 13 years in England from the 2019/2020 school year, which will offer further protection to girls and boys against the 100 types of HPV that can cause other cancers such as anal and genital cancers and cancers of the head and neck as well as warts, verrucaes and genital warts.


Do you have children or grandchildren in this group that could be vaccinated? Or could this apply to you as a young person. For more information see link

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