Continuing Healthcare

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What is Continuing Healthcare?

NHS Continuing Healthcare is the name given to a package of care which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals outside of hospital who have ongoing health care needs.

You can receive NHS Continuing Healthcare in any setting, including your own home or in a care home. NHS Continuing Healthcare is free, unlike support provided by local authorities for which a financial charge may be made depending on your income and savings.

A review of NHS Continuing Healthcare is undertaken by a multidisciplinary team at three months and then yearly, and a recommendation is made by the multidisciplinary team as to whether a patient meets the criteria for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

NHS Continuing Care Redress Guidelines for CCGs

NHS England has published the refreshed NHS Continuing Healthcare – Redress Guidance. As you may be aware the draft refreshed Guidance was placed on NHS England’s website for comment/feedback for six weeks, until Thursday 19 March 2015.

This Guidance refreshes the guidance on redress for NHS CHC cases published by the Department of Health in 2007, as the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) revised its own guidance “Principles for Remedy” on this area and the refreshed Guidance reflects this.

The refreshed Guidance maintains the same basic principles of fairness that have always applied; that is to ensure that individuals are put back in the financial position that they should have been in whilst ensuring that individuals do not gain from the public purse. The Guidance does not remove the requirement for CCGs to consider the specific circumstances of each individual case when determining the appropriate level of redress

Now published, this Guidance applies with immediate effect from the date of publication, and will apply to cases where an eligibility decision for NHS CHC has been made and the need for redress has been identified by the CCG.

The guidance can be found here: CHC Redress Guidance

For more information visit the NHS England website