The NHS Patient Transport Service

TransportThe Patient Transport Service is an NHS Service for non-urgent, planned transport for patients with a medical need for help travelling to and from NHS healthcare locations for an appointment.

You may be eligible for help with transport if you:

  • Need a stretcher
  • Need oxygen or medical gases during the journey
  • Are permanently in a wheelchair
  • Have a medical problem which prevents you using public or private transport
  • Have a medical condition that would compromise your own or others’ dignity
  • Cannot walk without the help of another person or walking aid and have no-one to accompany you
  • Have side effects from your medical treatment or condition that prevents you from using public or private transport

Call 0345 045 0160 to see if you are eligible

On the call, you’ll discuss your eligibility for transport and will determine whether:

  • You qualify for patient transport, based on your medical need
  • You do not qualify for patient transport on medical grounds, but your transport costs may be reimbursed because you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit
  • You do not qualify for patient transport

Call 0345 045 0160 to find out service times and booking information

Phone lines open 9am to 5pm hours Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays and bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

When you call, please have to hand:

  • Your NHS appointment details
  • Your NHS number

Please note: you must notify the service immediately if you no longer need transport or there are changes to your appointment, address or mobility.